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"Flexible Japanese Online Lessons" for beginners to advanced students are now available!!

株式会社クリーク・アンド・リバー社はこのたび、日本語が母語でない方々を対象とした「Flexible Japanese Lessons ~オンラインプライベートレッスン~」の5月生および6月生の募集をスタートいたしました。

Creek & River, Co., Ltd. is pleased to announce the opening of its " Flexible Japanese Lessons -Online Private Lessons-" for non-native speakers of Japanese.

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[Our courses are well suited for students who want to]
-Study at their own pace and schedule preference.
-Strengthen their Japanese language skills according to their specific weaknesses.
-Take lessons to prepare for standardized proficiency exams.
-Learn the things which interest them and which they can apply to their own career.
-Experience specialized language and etiquette training


[Our instructors are]
- are not only fluent in Japanese, but they are also experts in Japanese culture, customs, and traditions.
- have years of experience teaching the language to students of all levels and backgrounds.
- are passionate about helping their students not only learn the language but also understand and appreciate the unique culture and traditions of Japan.


[Our lessons are]
-are designed to provide a comprehensive and immersive learning experience that will help you achieve fluency in the language quickly and easily.
-are tailored to meet your specific needs and goals whether you’re a beginner or an advanced learner.
-help not only leaning the language but also understanding the culture and business communication of Japan.

Flexible Japanese Lessons

Shinya Toyoda

Yukiko Murakami

Morokuma Haruka
April 2011 to August 2017 Post Office Co., Ltd.






「Flexible Japanese Lessons」担当

Outline of the event

■Start date
May-June 2024

■Sample instructor profiles

Shinya Toyoda
Graduated from Tokyo Foreign Language University.
Having studied linguistics in college, he was interested in becoming a Japanese teacher. He passed the Japanese Language Education Proficiency Test in 2017, completed the Japanese language teacher training course in 2018, and started his career as a Japanese language teacher at a Japanese language school in Tokyo.He is in charge of international student classes at Japanese language schools, and is in charge of classes at all levels from beginner to advanced.He not only teaches Japanese, but is also involved in admission guidance, sending many international students to vocational schools, universities, and graduate schools.In addition to working at a Japanese language school, he has also become involved in Japanese language training at a major human resources company.Providing interview guidance and career support. From June 2019, he has been in charge of Japanese language training class for IT engineers at Creek & River. He has developed business Japanese training for engineers of various nationalities such as South Korea, Vietnam, Mexico, Portugal and the USA among others.

Yukiko Murakami
She graduated from Keio University, Department of Education. In college she studied educational psychology. She has taught in various educational settings, and since 2019 she has been licensed by the Japanese Teacher Training Comprehensive Course (based on the Agency for Cultural Affairs guidelines 420 hours). After completing this training, she has been a Japanese Language teacher and has taught university and graduate school applicants and JLPT candidates.In addition, she teaches “hospitality Japanese” at a vocational school. She has taught Japanese to expatriates at embassies, automobile companies, and game companies. She places importance on cross-cultural understanding and on conducting classes so that students can gain deep understanding about Japan. By acquiring social skills while learning about Japanese culture and values, you will be able to acquire high communication skills such as conversational skills.

Morokuma Haruka
April 2011 to August 2017 Post Office Co., Ltd.
After working at a post office for 7 years, I obtained a Japanese language teacher qualification and moved to the UK in 2017.I worked at two Japanese language schools and taught Japanese to people of all nationalities and ages, from children to businessmen. Currently, I am teaching online lessons and tutoring initial Japanese classes to foreign students at a public elementary school in Fukuoka City.
Having Japanese Language teaching qualifications, I am able to teach all levels of students, from beginner courses and primary school level programs, all the way up to a professional level of JLPT N1 and beyond. While teaching Japanese language during my lessons, I will also teach students all the different aspects of Japanese culture.
I am also able to provide support and guidance, if you are planning to take the Japanese Language Proficiency Test and would like to prepare for it. I believe that I can provide suitable lessons that meet the level and needs of students, while also making the learning experience fun and interactive.


・Non-native Japanese speakers
・Those who want to prepare for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT)
・Those who want to learn Japanese business communication
・Those who want to learn daily conversation in Japanese
・Those who want to prepare for job interviews and resumes in Japanese.

CREEK and RIVER Co., Ltd.

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